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Are you planning to move to the USA?

Starting a new life overseas is a great and exciting adventure, but also a lot of stress and time spent on research or gathering information that will help you make a certain decision.Believe us, we know it perfectly well.When we moved to the US, we spent a lot of time talking and researching long before we left. The truth is that we learned a lot of really useful things only on the spot, on our own experiences, mistakes, attempts to sort things out, start a normal life and enjoy our stay in America.


If you came here for this reason, you feel confused, not everything is clear, it's hard to gather the necessary information from a distance -don't worry, we'll help :)

Make an appointment with us for consultations!

Write to us, let's make an appointment and talk! We'd love to get to know you, tell us about yourself, what are your plans for going to the USA, what information do you need, what's stopping you from shouting the magical "Okay, I'm going!" and packing suitcases. Based on your individual needs, we will prepare the necessary information for you, which we will later discuss together. We guarantee that you will save yourself a lot of time, unnecessary stress and headache :) And all this at reasonable prices :)

Based on our experience, we always say that the most important thing is to prepare for the first months in the States, which can be both expensive and full of incomprehensible matters to deal with. After that, it's only better :) If you prepare properly for the departure, you will easily find yourself on the other side of the ocean and get through the first obstacles smoothly. One thing is for sure - living in the US is definitely worth a try!

Use the form below and contact us! We will write back as soon as possible. We are waiting for your message! :)

Congratulations on your courage and see you on the other side of the Atlantic! :)


We have received your message, we will reply soon!

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